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Tenant Screening, Listing Services, Leasing Service, Inspections and Walk-throughs

Payments, Move-in/Move-out and maintenance request

Account Summary, Listing Service, Rent Collection and Property Maintenance

About us

We are Wilmore Properties a leading property management company serving Maryland and D.C.

We have the technology platform and communication infrastructure needed for a seamless tenant and landlord relationship. We take the burden off of you, the landlord/investor!

Full-Service Property Management

Tenant Screening

$50 per applicant. Credit check, background check, evictions and criminal history.

Listing Services

Our Leasing Team will provide and sign a Legal Binding Lease with your tenant, collect and disburse checks to owners.

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Inspections or Walk-Through

$150 per inspection. Detailed report with pictures including the condition of paint, carpet, appliances, cabinetry, yard upkeep, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, cleanliness, blinds, and more. Perfect for quarterly or annual property inspection.

HVAc filter service

$100 standard or $125 Premium (10% off with recurring service.)

Guaranteed to have the right size air filter delivered to your tenants doorstep to help insure the replacement of your air filter. 

With premium service our tech will change the filter and wipe down the return vent to guarentee your filter is changed.


Rent Collection

Lease Creation and Enforcement

24/7 Support for Tenants

Accounting and Record Keeping

 Maintenance and Repair Coordination

The Secret of Success

We take the burden off of you, the landlord/investor!

We offer month to month and long term contracts. 

If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

We work around the clock and free up all the “To-Do” list that your properties have. 

Seamless Technology platform for owner and tenant



Tenant portal that allows contact to be made easy for maintenance request, rent collection and tenant screening.

service contractors

Local contractors ready to service your home as needed.

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